"Special Business Meeting- Vote on New Bylaws-Prior to Projected Image Comp"
by Rick Cloran-Chairman of the BOD
Monday, October 24, 7:00 PM

Over the past year the Board has actively been working with outside counsel to update the By-Laws for the Association. Some of this has been to reflect the need for new roles, specifically an Endowment Committee to handle the oversight of the bequest we received from Dan Charbonnet. Much of it has been to bring the By-Laws more in line with the practices we have today. One noticeable change will be that many of the committees that were previously listed in the By-Laws have been removed. In some cases, such as the color slide committee, the committee has a different name. In some cases, such as the Filter Committee, the committee no longer exists. In most cases, such as the Library Committee, the committee still exists and still carries out its intended functions. The change reflects the recommendation of our counsel to remove elements from the By-Laws that are not core requirements for running the Association and where the function may change or even cease to be over time. In that way we are more flexible to adapt to the changing needs of the Association without having to go back and consider revising the By-Laws. It will likely be obvious that this review and update to the By-Laws was overdue, however the need to use outside counsel to make sure the I’s are dotted and t’s crossed makes it an expensive proposition. Dan’s bequest enabled us to undertake it without putting a strain on the Associations finances.

Please plan on arriving early that night and on time at 7pm for this very important discussion and vote.