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Meetings start at 7:30 pm
generally on Wednesday but will not begin until December and will be for three sessions only

This activity is open ONLY to members

Wed., December 1, 2021
Wed., January 12, 2022
Wed., April 13, 2022

Chairman: Janice Koskey

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Artistic Vision Group:

Examples of Metaphor




For the upcoming 2021-2022 season, we have relaxed Covid restrictions previously mandated by the governor: no sign-ups for meetings or limited audience attendance. However, prudence dictates that we require the unvaccinated wear a mask at club meetings and other club related interactions. If you are vaccinated, the decision is yours whether or not to wear a mask. Masks and hand sanitizers will be available at the club and we will continue to use the UVC lights for disinfecting after each use of the club.



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Artistic Vision Group

Janice Koskey, Group Leader

(available to members only)

We are looking forward to resuming the Artistic Vision Group for the 2021-2022 calendar year. Meetings will be in December, January, and April held at the club. As part of our artistic exploration, field trips to photography exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in October, the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester in February and one or two others for the spring (TBD) will be held.

What  is your artistic vision? How do your photographs express your intention, insight, and appreciation for the world? What does your photographic art say to others?

In this group we will contemplate our work and ask ourselves questions about the concrete and abstract qualities that our printed photographs suggest. We will explore how the visual elements such as lighting, color, and composition bring to mind the story behind the photo and its more subtle significance, the meaning and metaphor expressed through our work. We will learn about and discuss topics such as gesture, mood, and emotion in an attempt to discover how they are conveyed through our vision and how the tools of the trade at our disposal can help us grow as photographic artists.

The Artistic Vision Group is meant to provide the time and space for you to look more deeply into where you are and where you want to go in the art of photography. Here you will have the chance to talk about your photographs, the thinking and feeling that went into their creation, and how you attempted to accomplish your purpose in your artwork. You will also hear feedback from others about how they see the elements of your photo and the overall effect it has on the viewer. 

Please bring 1-3 printed photographs only, no digital images-mounted or unmounted (size does not matter but they should be large enough to view for discussion) and an open mind to explore the art of photography and support others in its pursuit.

Janice Koskey has been a member of our club since 2011. In recent years she has been studying contemplative photography and exploring the elements of fine art photography. As a result she published an article entitled “Contemplating our Fine Art Photography” in a recent PSA Journal And has created workshop/talks on Artistic Vision which she has presented at Marblehead Arts Association and Newburyport Arts Association as well as here at GLPA. She currently presents slideshows on the subject to various photographic associations across the country and world (Australia and India, yikes!) through PSA.

Click here for an article about Looking Behind Our Images. We think you will enjoy it!


Example of Gesture: Children at Great Meadows

Example of Story: On the Highline

Example of Atmosphere: Striped Sail at Moonrise

Example of Symbol: Worry Beads

Metaphor for "Overwhelmed": Egret in Crashing Wave