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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Wednesday, November 18, 2020
No meeting in December
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Chairman: Melissa Fraser

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Creative Smartphone Group

Melissa Needle, Group Leader

(available to members only)

Welcome to the new club year and the new reality of 2020. One of the plus sides to Covid19, yes there are actually plus sides to the pandemic, is that I will get to continue leading the monthly Smartphone group even though I have moved half way across the US to Longmont, CO. We will utilize zoom to conduct out meeting virtually this club year. I hope this new method of meeting will encourage you to join us as we dive into using the camera we keep in our pocket to make the occasional phone call. We will start up our group meetings in October.

Ever improving camera capabilities in today's Smartphones, coupled with the fact that we typically carry them with us at all times, lends them to be an amazing tool to capture your world in a new creative way. All smart phones models are welcome and we will share our knowledge across the models to ensure everyone is included.

During these group nights, we will review some fun tools (lenses, tripods, etc.) that can enhance the use of your Smartphone and we will also explore some fun shooting and editing apps that will give your creative juices a boost and help you bring out your inner painter or abstract artist. A program such as Snapseed is like having Photoshop on your phone. We will discuss and review favorite apps and photos taken with the apps. Snapseed is a good base for us all to use, but this year I would also like to get into some other creative apps and also learn what new apps you have been playing with!

As always we look to having an interactive group meeting, I hope to be able to show my phone and have an atmosphere similar to what we have been doing. We will have an interactive group review of images taken with or edited with our phones during the first part of our meetings, review any questions people are having or problem solve a creative idea, review a technique and then explore a new app or two each meeting. I have a few new ones in mind, including an app to shoot lightening! You can email me a photo ahead of time to frasermm42@verizon.net.

FOR OUR FIRST MEETING IN OCTOBER, please email me a photo taken or edited on your smartphone with any app. This will be a great way to see what creative images we all produced over the summer, what new apps we found and get us set up for the year. I will plan to review the iLightening app and maybe one other depending on our time. I thought we could also have a night of learning how to make meditative mendalas with our images using circular and also learn about apps such as Prisma, and new low light capturing apps.

I look forward to "seeing" everyone at our first meeting in October and at future meetings throughout the year. You do not have to attend all meetings to join, please feel free to join us any meeting.

If you have any questions, please reach out to phonegroup@greaterlynnphoto.org.

Plan to join us!

Melissa Needle, Group Leader

ZOOM Login and password will be sent out to the membership 2 days prior to any Smartphone meeting.




Images copyright Melissa Needle